World Obesity Day Ireland generates new conversations about obesity

Last week on 4th March, the Irish Coalition for People living with Obesity (ICPO), in collaboration with ASOI, were involved in a number of events to mark World Obesity Day and European Obesity Day, the aim of which is to raise awareness of the complexity of obesity and the need to recognise it as a chronic disease. ICPO and ASOI members took part in a host of media engagement activities which brought about phenomenal opportunities to reach new audiences and get their key messages out, and highlight the newly launched model of care for obesity. ASOI committee member Dr Grace O’Malley and her team also launched their new childhood obesity training resource for health professionals.

Below are a list of resources and media communications that came about as a result of World Obesity Day Ireland, the highlight of which was a fantastic patient-led live online event, featuring the voices of patients and healthcare professionals engaging in open and honest discussions about living with obesity, concerns brought about throughout the pandemic and issues relating to achieving progress in access to healthcare for people living with obesity. The event finished with a montage featuring many patient advocates showing how they live their lives to the full.

Media engagement and resources related to World Obesity Day 2021


  1. HSE website- Obesity

  1. Model of Care full version

  1. Model of care summary version

  1. HSE Press Release

Other resources

5. Childhood Obesity Training 

6. ICPO and ASOI recorded event

Media Reports

  1. Medical Independent

Niamh Arthurs, ASOI & ICPO

  1. Irish Examiner

Niamh Arthurs, ASOI & ICPO

  1. Virgin Media News

Susie Birney, Donal O’Shea

  1. RTE Radio DriveTime

Donal O’Shea

5. RSVP Magazine

  • Maura Murphy ICPO

  • Bernadette Keenan ICPO

  • Susie Birney ICPO

  1. Conscience Health

Susie Birney

  1. Safefood Podcast

Donal O’Shea

8.  Newstalk: Alive and Kicking with Clare McKenna – Life Lessons in Resilience

Niamh Arthurs and Bernadette Keenan (ICPO)

Print media


L-R: Article in the Irish Independent by ASOI committee member Dr Mary Flynn; Article in the Irish Daily Star by ASOI committee member Niamh Arthurs; Article in the Examiner by Niamh Arthurs

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