For many patients who live with overweight or obesity it is incredibly difficult to exercise without discomfort or pain. Swimming is one activity that is less painful but due to the high levels of stigma, bias and judgements shown from society, majority of patients with overweight or obesity will avoid going to a swimming pool to exercise. Furthermore, some patients may feel nervous about swimming alone if they suffer with back or joint pain and worry about getting into difficulty swimming.

As a weight management service patient myself, I understand these obstacles completely. I am a fully qualified swimming instructor for 26 years and am an updated qualified lifeguard. Any patient who would like company and reassurance going to a pool, I would be available to join them at a convenient time and location. No charge involved apart from the cost of the public swim fee. Patients supporting each other to improve our quality of lives is important to me. If you love to swim, let’s do it!

Please contact me at to make arrangements.