The influence of maternal body mass index on fetal weight estimation in twin pregnancy

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Journal Article


H. M. Ryan; J. J. Morrison; F. M. Breathnach; F. M. McAuliffe; M. P. Geary; S. Daly; J. R. Higgins; A. Hunter; G. Burke; S. Higgins; R. Mahony; P. Dicker; F. Manning; E. Tully; F. D. Malone

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Am J Obstet Gynecol








OBJECTIVE: Sonographic estimated fetal weight (EFW) is important in the management of high-risk pregnancies. The possibility that increased maternal body mass index (BMI) adversely affects EFW assessments in twin pregnancies is controversial. The aim of this study was to investigate the effect of maternal BMI on the accuracy of EFW assessments in twin gestations prospectively recruited for the ESPRiT (Evaluation of Sonographic Predictors of Restricted growth in Twins) study. STUDY DESIGN: One thousand one twin pair pregnancies were recruited. After exclusion, BMI, birthweights, and ultrasound determination of EFW (within 2 weeks of delivery) were available for 943 twin pairs. The accuracy of EFW determination was defined as the difference between EFW and actual birthweight for either twin (absolute difference and percent difference). Cells with less than 5% of the population were combined for analysis resulting in the following 3 maternal categories: (1) normal/underweight, (2) overweight, and (3) obese/extremely obese. RESULTS: Analysis of the 3 categories revealed mean absolute variation values of 184 g (8.0%) in the normal/underweight group (n = 531), 196 g (8.5%) in the overweight group (n = 278), and 206 g (8.6%) in the obese/extremely obese group (n = 134) (P = .028, which was nonsignificant after adjustment for multiple testing). Regression analysis showed no linear or log-linear relationship between BMI and the accuracy of EFW (P value for absolute difference = .11, P value for percentage difference = .27). CONCLUSION: Contrary to a commonly held clinical impression, increasing maternal BMI has no significant impact on the accuracy of EFW in twin pregnancy.