The establishment of a pilot paediatric obesity clinic at the university hospital, Limerick

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Journal Article


K. Dowd; A. M. Murphy; P. Scully; J. B. Letshwiti; C. O’Gorman

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Irish Medical Journal








This study describes the establishment of a pilot Paediatric Obesity Clinic (POC) in the University Hospital Limerick (UHL). Referrals were received from consultant paediatricians in the catchment areas of UHL for paediatric patients with high levels of excess adiposity. Fifteen patients and their families were invited to the POC in 2012. An initial medical assessment was conducted by 2 consultant paediatricians. Patients were also reviewed by a dietitian, a physiotherapist and physical activity experts from local Sports Partnerships. Twelve children and their families attended the POC (mean age=8.08 years; Range=3.6-13.6): 11/12 were overweight and 9/12 were obese. Abnormalities in blood work were detected as follows: 1/7 had elevated LDL-cholesterol; 2/8 had elevated triglyceride levels; 4/8 had elevated fasting insulin; 2/8 had elevated fasting glucose. With the current prevalence of obesity in paediatric populations, initiatives such as UHL’s POC need to be established, funded and supported, to try to meet complex, multidisciplinary patient needs and to prevent future complex and expensive health complications.