The association between maternal dietary micronutrient intake and neonatal anthropometry – secondary analysis from the ROLO study

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Journal Article


M. K. Horan; C. A. McGowan; E. R. Gibney; J. M. Donnelly; F. M. McAuliffe

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Nutr J







BACKGROUND: Micronutrients are necessary for fetal growth. However increasingly pregnant women are nutritionally replete and little is known about the effect of maternal micronutrient intakes on fetal adiposity in mothers with increased BMI. The aim of this study was to examine the association of maternal dietary micronutrient intake with neonatal size and adiposity in a cohort at risk of macrosomia. METHODS: This was a cohort analysis of 554 infants from the ROLO study. Three day food diaries from each trimester were collected. Neonatal weight, length, circumferences and skinfold thicknesses were measured at birth. Multiple linear regression was used to identify associations between micronutrient intakes and neonatal anthropometry. RESULTS: Birthweight was negatively associated with maternal trimester 3 vitamin D intake and positively associated with trimester 3 vitamin B12 intake R2adj 19.8% (F = 13.19, p