Maternal C3 complement and C-reactive protein and pregnancy and fetal outcomes: a secondary analysis of the PEARS RCT-An mHealth-supported, lifestyle intervention among pregnant women with overweight and obesity

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M. A. Kennelly; S. L. Killeen; C. M. Phillips; G. Alberdi; K. L. Lindsay; J. Mehegan; M. Cronin; F. M. McAuliffe

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Objectives: Elevated circulating levels of complement component 3 (C3) and C‐reactive protein (CRP) have been linked with adverse pregnancy outcomes. Lifestyle interventions may hold potential to ameliorate these effects. We investigated the effect of an antenatal healthy lifestyle intervention on maternal C3 and CRP concentrations and assessed their relationship with maternal and fetal metabolic markers and outcomes. Study design: Secondary analysis of data from the Pregnancy Exercise And Nutrition Research Study (PEARS) randomized controlled trial. Methods: Women (n = 406) with C3 and CRP concentrations determined in early pregnancy (14?16 weeks) and/or late pregnancy (28‐weeks) with corresponding fasting glucose, insulin, c‐peptide, and lipid profiles were included in the analysis. Pregnancy outcomes included: diagnoses of gestational diabetes (GDM), pre‐eclampsia (PET) or pregnancy induced hypertension (PIH), pre‐term birth (delivery < 37 weeks), low birth weight (