Improving understanding of type 2 diabetes remission: research recommendations from Diabetes UK’s 2019 remission workshop

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Journal Article


M. Hopkins; R. Andrews; V. Salem; R. Taylor; C. W. le Roux; E. Robertson; E. Burns

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Diabet Med








AIM: To describe the process and outputs of a workshop convened to identify key priorities for future research in the area of remission of type 2 diabetes, and provide recommendations to researchers and research funders on how best to address them. With the ultimate aim of enabling the remission of type 2 diabetes to become a possibility for more people. METHODS: A 1-day research workshop was conducted, bringing together 31 researchers, people living with diabetes, healthcare professionals and members of staff from Diabetes UK to identify and prioritize recommendations for future research into remission of type 2 diabetes. RESULTS: Workshop attendees identified 10 key themes for further research. Four of these themes were prioritized for further focus: (i) understanding how to personalize lifestyle approaches based on biology, patient choice and subtypes; (ii) understanding the biology of remission; (iii) understanding the most effective approaches to implementation of lifestyle interventions; and (iv) understanding the best approaches to combining therapies (gut hormones, other drugs, lifestyle approaches and bariatric surgery). CONCLUSIONS: This paper outlines recommendations to address the current gaps in knowledge related to remission of type 2 diabetes.