Health-related quality of life and perceived health status of adolescents with obesity are improved by a 10-month multidisciplinary intervention

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M. Khammassi; M. Miguet; G. O'Malley; A. Fillon; J. Masurier; A. R. Damaso; B. Pereira; C. Lambert; M. Duclos; D. Courteix; Y. Boirie; D. Thivel

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Physiol Behav







BACKGROUND: Although multidisciplinary weight management interventions have been shown effective in improving body composition and cardio-respiratory fitness, their effects on HRQOL and perceived health status remain uncertain in adolescents with obesity. OBJECTIVE: To assess the impact of a 10-month multidisciplinary weight management intervention on HRQOL and health perception in adolescents with obesity, exploring whether these changes were associated with changes in body weight and body composition. METHODS: Thirty-six adolescents with obesity (28 girls and 8 boys; mean age: 13 ± 1.32 years) enrolled in a multidisciplinary weight management intervention composed of nutritional counseling, physical activity and health-related therapeutic education. Validated self-report questionnaires were used to assess HRQOL (SF-36) and health perception (HP questionnaire) at baseline (T0) after5 months (T1) and after 10 month of intervention (T2). In addition, anthropometric parameters and body composition (DXA) were measured at T0, T1 and T2. RESULTS: Items of the SF-36 significantly improved at T1 and T2, such as physical functioning (P