Contrasting effects of aromatase inhibition and testosterone therapy in men with severe obesity: a randomised clinical trial

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T. Ahern; A. Khattak; R. Reece; M. Kilbane; T. P. Smith; C. Lehane; M. J. McKenna; D. O'Shea; F. J. Hayes

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Endocrine reviews. Conference: 96th annual meeting and expo of the endocrine society, ENDO 2014. Chicago, IL united states. Conference start: 20140621. Conference end: 20140624. Conference publication: (var.pagings)






Introduction Men with severe obesity (BMI>40kg/m2) and/or low testosterone (T) levels have elevated mortality and cardiovascular disease (CVD) incidence and elevated C‐reactive protein (CRP) concentrations may be contributory. In men with severe obesity and low T, aromatase inhibition (AI) normalises both T and oestradiol (E2) levels whereas T therapy may increase already elevated E2 levels. Elevating E2 levels in men raises CRP. We hypothesised that AI decreases CRP concentrations more than T therapy in severely obese men with low T. Methods Thirty‐seven severely obese men with low T (