Bone mineral density and expression of vitamin D receptor-Dependent calcium uptake mechanisms in the proximal small intestine after bariatric surgery

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E. Elias; A. Casselbrant; M. Werling; K. Abegg; R. P. Vincent; J. Alaghband-Zadeh; T. Olbers; C. W. Le Roux; L. Fändriks; V. Wallenius

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British Journal of Surgery








Background: Roux-En-Y gastric bypass may lead to impaired calcium uptake. Therefore, operationspecific effects of gastric bypass and vertical banded gastroplasty on bone mineral density (BMD) were examined in a randomized clinical trial. Bone resorption markers and mechanisms of decreased calcium uptake after gastric bypass were investigated using blood and endoscopic samples from two additional patient cohorts. Methods: Total BMD and non-weight-Bearing skull BMD were measured by dual-Energy X-Ray absorptiometry at baseline, and 1 and 6 years after gastric bypass or vertical banded gastroplasty in patients who were not receiving calcium supplements. Bone resorption markers in serum and calcium uptake mechanisms in jejunal mucosa biopsies were analysed after gastric bypass by proteomics including radioimmunoassay, gel electrophoresis and mass spectrometry. Results: One year after surgery, weight loss was similar after gastric bypass and vertical banded gastroplasty. There was a moderate decrease in skull BMD after gastric bypass, but not after vertical banded gastroplasty (P